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We are a small group of passionate developers, project managers, UX designers and IT people that are constantly looking to improve their craft. We are available to our clients from concept to deployment. Our goal is to be enthusiastic, responsible and most of all, be available when you need.

We don't just think in terms of automating manual processes, or doing cool things with technology. We consider value to the client and attempt to make the end user happy to use our creations. We love bringing products with "Enterprise" features to small businesses. We constantly contribute back to the community, not only via technology but also via donations and charity events.



Coldwell Banker Bain
ColdWell Banker Bain
Altig Planet Altig
zaifworks projects Zaifworks Projects
In 2008 the client was faced with a unique challenge; They needed to overhaul the site while simultaneously reducing the development and hosting cost. They needed a technology partner that could:
  • Provide site specifications based on the code delivered from the previous provider
  • Upgrade all technologies to the latest available at the time
  • Create a more resilient solution that is easy to integrate and expand
  • Work with the IT team to define a reliable and scalable deployment layout
The partnership has been a resounding success and as such we continue to provide software development services.


Mobile Development

iPhone Platform

We started working with this platform when it came out, although we didn't have any prior knowledge of objective-c and the development environment. Most of our developers are now well versed in the details (ins-and-outs, eccentricities, pick-o-dillos) of this environment. If you twist our arm, we might even help you with getting setup on the app store.

Android Platform

Android is quickly becoming the dominant mobile operating system in the world and co-incidentally also our favorite platform as developers. Since most of us learned Java in college we are quickly able to kick butt on the platform. The market is also not controlled by some arbitrary set of rules so you can be assured that your creation will see the light of day.

Windows Phone 8

What can we say, we were born and raised on the MS stack and being in the north west we get a healthy exposure to MS technologies. We had been developing on silverlight since it came out and as such we feel that we have a leg up on this platform. We believe that this is the most comprehensive solution for a business application in the market.



Web Development


Web development is how we started as a business. We welcome the challenge of delivering unique experiences using nothing but html and javascript (with some backend data magic). Making sure your users get the same experience regardless of what browsers they chose, so long as they don't chose IE6.

RIA Development

Rich Internet App

I know, RIA is so 2009. Every one now wants an "app". Well, call us old fashioned as we still love to develop silvelright RIA apps. While the browsers sort out the hegemony that is the HTML5 standards, you can enjoy all the benefits of Rich web delivered application to the masses using the silverlight platform.

Desktop Development


Although the lines are begining to blur between web, RIA and windows applications, when you need a solid platform for an internal line-of-business application, a XAML based (WPF) application can give you all the flexibility you need. We have designed and developed some pretty deep and complex applications for our clients that offer all the benefits of a web application with the power of a windows application. Only unique requirement being the .Net framework.



Amazon EC2

You can launch your favorite OS in the cloud in a matter of hours and start serving (At least that is what Amazon marketing says). Amazon has a huge leg up on the competition when it comes to platform as a service offering. If this is your first venture into cloud hosting and you already have a site/application in production, this is the safest bet. We are very fimiliar with EC2 as this is where we cut our teeth as well. We have since built lots of tools that help our customers get a decent experience hosting with EC2.

Windows Azure

This is the true cloud experience that we have all wanted. You write some code, declare dependencies deploy it to the "cloud" and the service takes care of all the provisioning. If you are starting a new .Net project then this platform would be worth a look. It does come with some limitations but they are generally clearly spelled out. We can help you with all phases of your service setup in the cloud (development, deployment and monitoring).

Zaifworks Seattle

You want full control of hardware, software and network? We have cabinets in seattles Internatp facility for you to deploy your precious applications. We provide redundant network infrastructure, the facility provides fully redundant power and air. You bring your servers plug it in and go. We also provide supporting infrastructure like DNS servers, VPN endpoint, firewall and load balancers. I



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